The center was established in 1982

The dental clinic in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi under the supervision of a group of Swedish specialized doctors.

Then the Swedish Medical Center expanded to include four specializations: dentistry, ENT, pediatrics and General Practitioner. The center is characterized by the full supply of modern and advanced medical equipment and is supported by highly trained and professional nursing staff only for your convenience.

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Why Swedish Medical Center?

We seek to develop health care services to promote better health in our community. Also We honored to treat patients from all regions of Abu Dhabi through our medical services by applying these steps

  • Excellence

    We are applying international quality and safety standards to provide the best medical care without any complications or concerns to achieve the utmost comfort and safety for the patient.

  • Respect

    We respecting patient's rights, privacy, colleagues, work environment, and profession assets to build a relationship of trust with our patients that help us provide them the best medical support.

  • Development

    We constantly provide our center and patients with the latest medical technology and luxurious amenities to take medical care to the highest international standards by continouse lerning.

  • Experience

    To maintain our excellence, we seek to develop the expertise of our medical team and its mastery of various medical fields to provide the latest treatments in the world whivh convice your needs.

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