Department of Dermatology

We, Dermatologists, are doctors who diagnose, investigate, treat and manage the conditions of children and adults with skin disease, as well as hair and nail complaints.   Dermatology and cosmetic department at Swedish Medical Center Abu Dhabi  
  • Botox - UK type disport - 1000 AED
  • Filer 1ml - 1200 AED
  • Laser hair removal for the full body - 500 AED
  • Haydracool session of cleaning the skin with the Hydracool Plus device, the latest technology to cleanse the skin with oxygen - 500 AED
  • Face or hair plasma injection session - 500 AED
  • Fat-dissolving, body tightening, and postpartum crack treatment session using Velashape device, - 500 AED
  • Cool Tech 360 session of cooling up to - 10 degree (below zero) to melt fat cells and reduce areas 30% from fat cells - 500 AED
  • Dermapen session with vitamins - 300 AED
  • Vienous Vivia facelift session, treatment of acne and pigmentation scars, and freshness. - 400 AED
To book an appointment 0528677918  -  026341800   All services have 60% discounts on the occasion of the opening

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